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Residential Painting 


Interior Painting: Drywall repair to finish like new. Wall patching and sanding, for a nice clean finish. Walls, windows, base boards and ceiling sanded and painted like new.

Exterior Painting: Stain, varnish, stucco, latex, windows, borders and garage doors. See picture gallery for more examples. 
​Commercial Painting​​
Interior Painting: Repair all damage to walls and window borders. Patching and sanding as well as filler. Latex paint and epoxy for some floor applications.

Exterior Painting: Spray paint, roller, all needed to get the job done to perfection. Latex, stucco, oil paint, epoxy and more. See picture gallery for more examples.
Industrial Painting


Interior Painting: Warehouses, oil paint as well as epoxy paint. Spray painting of ceiling and walls. 

Exterior Painting: Tanks, commercial buildings and canopy painting. Licenced in Elevated Work Platform, Scissor Lift, Genie and Sky Jack. See picture gallery for more examples.
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